About Tea
April 2, 2014

Our daily cup fo Chai that has been a witness to history in the making since several centuries also has a history of its own. Tea originated in China as a medicinal drink but its commercial status as drink for the elite came into being around 17th century when the British were first introduced to it. From being a status symbol of the British up class, tea has travelled a long way by becoming a first choice brew of the masses all over the world. Ever since its origin it has been regarded as miraculous drink with several benefit as stated in ancient Chinese texts ‘drink bitter t’u constantly makes one think better’.

The British brought Tea plant to North East India from China in the 19th Century. During the 1950’s the British started giving tea breaks to Indian workers in mills, thus, began the tea culture of India. Since then tea has become an irreplaceable custom in Indian household. But not only does tea carve its essentiality in our social panorama but also has numerous health benefits . In India Darjeeling and Assam tea are two varieties of tea along with the Ooty and south belt. But Indian Assam tea and Darjeeling tea blend with indigenous varieties have made a mark for their invigorating flavor, mesmerizing aroma and amazing taste that soothes and calms one’s body and mind.

The Chinese character for tea is 茶, but in some chinese tribal vernacular it is also called Cha. In India tea with milk preparation ‘Chai’ and forms the quintessential morning and evening brew for the energetic start of the day and soothing evenings.